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" The People's Cam."
Aimed at a computer monitor, this cam lets you see a screensaver, and actually change it to the text YOU input!

One-of-a-kind, and fun for all.
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Flash Cartoons
All original movies, from whimsical to tearjerker.



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A lot of great stuff in here you'll want to remember.

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Tell the world what you think of the internet! Read other people's thoughts on the matter. People say the oddest things!


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Columbia Launch
Flash Photo album (old)
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Joke Archive

Over 100 easy to navigate pages of selected humor files. Searchable.


    Mr. Rogers'
Commencement Address
Given at Dartmouth in 2002
      A really good read.


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 Haunted Castle

Petting Zoo

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Refrigerator Magnet Sentences

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The Culinarian
Grandma's Recipe Box
Matt's Mouth
Matt was a Blond
Matthew's Guru Universe
The old Flash interface
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